Bitcoin ice hockey betting

Being the fastest game on the planet, ice hockey has become the sports #1 for millions of viewers worldwide. So, no wonder, that all online gambling casinos, which accept bitcoin, have already switched to it. Though the considerable part of ice hockey bettors is traditionally located in Canada, the United States, and Scandinavian countries, millions of gamblers from almost all world countries yearly tend to start placing bets on this spectacular game.

Top sites for ice hockey betting with bitcoin

Ice hockey is one of the major sports events for bitcoin bettors. Hundreds of online casinos offer bets on ice hockey events. However, only several names are likely to be more exciting to make wagers on than the others. Below you will find top websites which offer the best options for ice hockey betting with bitcoin.

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For ice hockey fans, this casino has prepared numerous promotions and bonuses. These are generous welcome package, 100% first deposit bonus, plenty of reload bonuses on every second win, etc.  The casino accepts bets on almost all ice hockey leagues in the world, both amateur and professional. These are such prominent leagues as National Hockey League, American Hockey League, Southern Professional Hockey League, German Ice Hockey League, Mestis, Suomi-sarja, etc. All types of bets are available. For bitcoin bettors, offers larger betting sizes, because it has recently switched to bitcoin clients. Customer support is available 24/7, in case you have anything to ask concerning ice hockey betting at this website. gladly welcomes BTC players. It is one of the largest and the most reliable gambling destinations for bitcoin users on the planet. To register, you should only indicate your applicable email and username. Here you make wagers on most types of ice hockey events which are held worldwide (the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, or Oceania). All tournaments and games are broadcasted live. During the match, both bet size and BTC value can change. Therefore, offers special promos for bitcoin bettors. It means that you can change your bet preferences until the end of a definite match. All bettors can timely get free live customer support. The casino also guarantees that you can withdraw all your funds immediately upon request using any means you wish. All features and options of are entirely available for mobile users.

It is another reliable website for bitcoin bettors. The site is available in 49 languages. All ice hockey events which take place on the planet are available for betting here. The casino represents all matches of the two most prominent ice hockey tournaments on the planet. These are the IIHF World Championships and the National Hockey League. Upon quick registration, you receive 100% bonus on the first deposit. If you have no BTC yet, it is not a problem. offers an option of buying the digital currency right at their website. Responsive support team will answer all your possible questions within 5 minutes. Ice hockey betting with bitcoin at is available for both Esports and Sports events. All leagues are represented. You can use your bitcoin to make the wager on the match of the day, national tournaments, or international ice hockey matches. The rules of making bets on ice hockey events are the same as if you used any other online Sportsbook.

Peculiarities of ice hockey betting with bitcoin

The primary principles of ice hockey betting with bitcoin are almost the same as if you make wagers on any other sports events. However, some peculiarities exist. Presently, ice hockey betting with BTC has turned into the talk of the town.

  • If you adore making wagers on NHL matches, you should remember the following. In most cases, the most brutal team usually wins. Study statistics beforehand.
  • You can bet on the NHL through the pre season, all the way through the regular season, during the Stanley Cup playoffs.
  • While thinking over, which team to choose as a probable winner, you should never concentrate your attention on any individual star player. Take your time and study the game statistics in advance. Then, select, choose a team with the best teamwork.
  • Games’ schedule matters. 31 teams participate in the NHL (7 from Canada, 24 from the United States). Yearly statistics demonstrates if Canadian teams usually defeat the American once if the latter play after 7 p.m.

Tips on the NHL betting with bitcoin

Three types of the NHL betting with BTC are available. Find them below:

  • Pre season betting. You can start your NHL BTC betting from September when the pre season kicks off. Just make wagers on all possible friendly matches which are played like the regular season training.
  • Regular season betting. In October, the regular season begins. Each team should play 82 matches. So, you have hundreds of options for the smart BTC betting.
  • Stanley Cup betting. The Stanley Cup is yearly running from April to June. It is the peak of the NHL betting. Here you can also make a bet on every match or the winner of the trophy. All three BTC betting sites we`ve mentioned above offer to make wagers on the Stanley Cup winner in advance. However, statistics demonstrate that this option is more appropriate for confident bettors.

Advantages and disadvantages of ice hockey betting with bitcoin

Ice hockey betting with bitcoin has plenty of benefits and a few drawbacks. Let`s have a closer look at them.


  • Free and fast registration;
  • Complete anonymity of transactions (a significant advantage if you make wagers in the United States);
  • Unlimited depositing;
  • Your ice hockey winnings cannot be taxed;
  • Withdrawal takes less than half an hour;
  • Over 20 major payment systems gladly exchange BTC for any currencies you wish;
  • More and more governments officially allow bitcoins in their countries;
  • More than fifty online casinos accept BTC for ice hockey betting.


  • Still, not many casinos accept BTC for ice hockey betting;
  • Bitcoin gambling is illegal in some countries;
  • Digital currencies have no official headquarters;
  • No banks take deposits in BTC.

What`s next?

So, what is your next step? Everything is easy. Open one of the mentioned websites. Choose the event you want to make a wager on, and start both enjoying your betting and pocketing the good cash. Fortune always smiles to the lucky people!