Best Apple Pay online casinos

Presently, Apply Pay has already turned into one of the most popular and reliable payment methods for depositing in various online casinos throughout the world. However, you should keep in mind that due to various legal restrictions concerning gambling in many countries, the list of casinos that accept Apple Pay is limited. On this page, I have gathered the list of the best Apple pay casinos. You can find it in the table below.

Pros and Cons of Apple Pay deposit in online casinos

As for any other payment method, depositing in all online casinos that take Apple Pay has both advantages and drawbacks. I have analyzed plenty of them, including hundreds of users` feedbacks and expert reviews. Therefore, below you will find the list of the most important ones.

Apple Pay pros:

  • It is free to use;
  • Quick and easy transactions;
  • Very easy to set up Apple Pay on your iPhone, Mac, or iPad device;
  • All casinos with Apple Pay guarantee 100% secure deposits owing to NFC technology for fraud prevention;
  • You don’t need to provide any personal info;
  • No risk that your banking details could be stolen;
  • You can load as many credit cards as you wish;
  • Additional Touch ID and Face ID protection;
  • No fees for Apple Pay deposits in any online casino;
  • Apple Pay is available on iOS tablets, watch, and smartphones;
  • The number of online casinos with Apple Pay has been growing daily;
  • You can pay from any place in the world.

Apple Pay cons:

  • Many countries are restricted for Apple Pay deposits in online casinos;
  • Apple Pay can never be used for withdrawals of your winnings;
  • Due to unknown bugs, gamblers sometimes cannot deposit in online casino with Apple Pay;
  • You can use Apple Pay as a payment method in online casino using iPhone models starting from iPhone 6 only.

Alternatives to online casino apple pay deposits

Due to numerous legal restrictions concerning gambling, especially in the United States, Canada, and Australia, many gamblers often face serious problems with depositing via Apple Pay. Thus, casino fans are forced to look for alternatives to online casino Apple Pay deposits. Most online casinos offer the following deposit methods as alternatives to Apple Pay:

  • Google Pay. This payment method is compatible with all Android devices which is a great advantage because their number is much bigger compared to iOS devices. Google Pay is also safe, quick, and easy to use. It offers instant deposits. The payment method is accepted in plenty of online casinos for real money.
  • E-wallets. More than 90% of reputable online casinos support the most popular e-wallets. The trendiest ones are Skrill, PayPal, and Neteller. Paysafecard is also supported. Their main advantage is that you can both deposit and withdraw from online casino. All deposits are free and instant. Withdrawals charge a little fee and they are also quick. Thus, e-wallets are the best alternatives to online casino Apple Pay deposits.
  • Bitcoin. The number of Bitcoin casinos is growing speedily, which makes them a good alternative to casinos that accept Apple Pay. All deposits and quick and anonymous. Moreover, they allow withdrawals.

Question and Answer

1. Apple Pay – what is it?

It is an exclusive payment system for iOS devices developed by Apple Inc. You can use it to pay on the Web, in person, or via iOS apps.

2. I have an iPhone. How do I know whether it is supported by Apple Pay?

Apple Pay supports not all iOS devices. To use this digital wallet, you will need to own iPhone SE, Apple Watch, iPhone 6 or newer, iPad Air® 2, iPad Pro®, or iPad mini® 3 or newer model. The Web version of Apple Pay is available only via Safari browser.

3. How do I know whether my money transactions via Apple Pay are secured?

Apple Pay uses various methods for entire protections of your transactions. The payment system protects your card with your iOS device Passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID. All transaction info is 100% encoded via the Secure Element.

4. How to deposit via Apple Pay?

It is effortless. To deposit any sum you wish via Apple Pay, complete the following actions:
a) When you have selected an online casino, go to the “Cashier/Deposit” page;
b) Select Apple Pay as a payment option;
c) Enter the necessary sum;
d) Click the “Buy with Apple Pay” button;
e) Authorize on your mobile device via Face ID, Passcode, or Touch ID, and complete the transaction;
f) The funds will be credited to your online casino account immediately;
g) After it, you will get the notification that your deposit has been completed successfully (with the ID of transaction).

5. I have deposited via Apple Pay. When will the money be credited to my gambling account?

All Apple Pay deposits in online casinos are credited immediately (in a few seconds).

6. What is a minimum deposit sum with Apple Pay?

The sky is the limit. Apple Pay allows depositing any sum you wish. However, the minimum deposit sum varies for every particular online casino. As a rule, it is starts from $5 or $10. Please, check this info in advance on the casino site.

7. Does Apple Pay charge certain fees for depositing in online casinos?

Fortunately, Apple Pay does not take any fees when you wish to deposit in online casinos which supports Apple Pay as a payment means.

8. How do I know whether I can use Apple Pay in my location?

Apple Pay is available for depositing in online casinos in many countries. Please, use this link to check whether your country is included in the list.

9. Is it possible to use my Apple Pay account in online casino to withdraw winnings?

Unfortunately, Apple Pay is not available for any type of withdrawals. Please, look for Apple Pay alternatives for this purpose.


The number of online casinos that accept Apple Pay is increasing rapidly. It is a convenient and quick method for depositing in online gambling houses for gamblers from many countries. The leading advantage of Apple Pay that it charges no fees for depositing. Though this payment method can be unavailable in some countries, it still remains the leading payment method for online gamblers.